Blouses / Tunics / Jackets

Dress Blues blouses are sized like men's suit jackets. Visiting a men's clothing store and trying off-the-rack sports jackets is an easy way to find your approximate size. Based on feedback we've received, blues blouses appear to be smaller than exepected, most likely because the ones at the men's store are sized large. Dress blues blouses are meant to be form fitting. They are not loose.

Chest Size: With arms relaxed and at the sides, place tape measure around fullest part of the chest (usually just under the armpits), keeping the tape up under the arms and across the shoulder blades. The tape should be straight and level across back. Insert a finger between the tape and body to insure a comfortable fit. Measure while wearing an undershirt. When in doubt, go up a size which will allow a tailor to take the blouse in.

Waist Size: If your waist is larger than your chest size consider getting larger chest size since the jacket tapers at the wasit.

Blouse Length: Measure along the back, from the bottom of the neck to just below the crotch.

33" = Extra Long (XL)
32" = Long (L)
31" = Regular (R)
30" = Short (S)
29" = Extra Short (XS)

Standard neck/collar size is 18". Neck size should be measured around the neck, at the adam's apple.

Most sizing problems involve ordering a size that is too small. It is rare that we get a request to return an item that is too large.

When in doubt, go up a size. It's easier for a tailor to take away a little material than to try to add it.

Trousers / Pants  

Waist Size: Measure around the waist, over a shirt (not over pants) at the height the person normally wears their pants. This is usually above the hip bones and runs through (or just below) the navel. Keep one finger between tape and body for comfort, and adjust for the preference of the wearer. Round to the nearest whole inch. When in doubt, go up a size to allow a tailor material to take the trousers in.

Inseam: While standing, measure from the base of the crotch to the top of the shoe to be worn (about 1" under the ankle bone). Measure to the nearest whole inch. Or take a similar pair of dress pants that fit. Lay them flat with the creases at the front and back of the legs. Measure from crotch seam to bottom of the trouser leg.

40" = Extra Long (XL)
36" = Long (L)
34" = Regular (R)
32" = Short (S)
30" = Extra Short (XS)

Unhemmed trousers come with approximately 2 extra inches of fabric.


Blouse Sizes   Trouser Sizes
Chest Height Waist Inseam
X-Small: Under 33”
Small: 33-37"
Large: 41-45"
X-Large: 45-49"
XX-Large: 49-53"
XX-Short: Under 59”
X-Short: 59-63”
Short: 63-67"
Regular: 67-71"
Long: 71-75"
X-Long: 75-79"
X-Small: Under 27”
Small: 27-31"
Medium: 31-35"
Large: 35-39"
X-Large: 39-43"
XX-Large: 43-47"

X-Short: Under 26.5"
Short: 26.5-29.5"
Regular: 29.5-32.5"
Long: 32.5-35.5"
X-Long: 35.5-38.5"
XX-Long: 38.5-41.5"

Khaki Shirts / Shirts / Pullovers

These are rough size estimates. Please visit a tailor if you are unsure of your size. Khaki shirts are usually based on neck size.

Size Chest (in) Neck (in) Regular Sleeve (in) Tall Sleeve (in)
S 34-36 14-14.5 32-33 33-34
M 38-40 15-15.5 33-34 34-35
L 42-44 16-16.5 34-35 35-36
XL 46-48 17-17.5 35-36 36-37
XXL 50-52 18-18.5 36-37 37-38

Shorts / Sweatpants

Waist (in) 28-30 32-34 36-38 40-42 44-46

MX Shorts

Waist (in) 26-28 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44



Approximate Sizing: Measure at the forehead level to determine Hat Size.
This should be used as a rough guideline. Boonies run small!

Head Size - Inches 8-Pt Cover Boonie Cover Hat Size
20- 1/2" XXS XS 6-1/2
20-3/4"     6-5/8
21-1/8" XS S 6-3/4
21-1/2"     6- 7/8
21-7/8" S M 7
22-1/4"     7-1/8
22-5/8" M L 7-1/4
23"     7-3/8
23-1/2" L XL 7-1/2
23-7/8"     7-5/8
24-1/4" XL   7-3/4
24-5/8"     7-7/8
25"     8
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