Because special orders items may not sell to anyone else, the following conditions apply:

1. Once your order has been placed we will not issue a refund, unless:

a) we are unable to get your item; or

b) we send you an incorrect item, and the item has been returned to us.

2. We will not exchange any item unless we have sent you an incorrect item. Check your sizes carefully (if applicable) before placing your order.

3. Estimated shipping on special orders is generally between 10 and 14 days.

4. If you order more than one item, let us know if you want the entire order cancelled and refunded if any of the individual items are not available. If you did not specify a preference, we will cancel the entire order.

If after sending your payment, you have any questions, or additional information that we should have to complete your order, please go to our Contact Form. Please include your order number, or the email address which you used to place the order.

Before placing a Special Order, you may want to check the site to see if your item(s) and/or size(s) are already available.

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